Have you been looking for a way to be more present that would allow you to redirect your focus to experiences in your day that ground you and support your well-being?

 If this is you, you can stop looking. 

A simple, daily habit of gratitude practice could support you to start this.


Gratitude practice is powerful in the mental health space, as research has shown it can help retrain and rewire your brain.

Even better, I've put a twist on it.

I've paired the powerful elements of gratitude practice with those of imagery because the practice of imagery has a long history in helping change thoughts and improve performance.


Gratitude With a Twist

Gratitude & Imagery

This journal and its accompanying meditation track, written by Australian psychologist, Natasha Kiemel-Incorvaia, uses short, simple yet powerful prompts and techniques. It will help you not only retrain and rewire your brain to experience more gratitude in the present moment, but also to achieve your wellbeing goals.

Each day you are prompted to connect to the moments you are grateful for and deepen your awareness of and connection to your emotions, body sensations and thoughts.

Don't pass up on this opportunity to experience how the pairing of gratitude and imagery can support you to create habits of change. 


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This journal includes:

- Information about how gratitude and imagery practice work, and their benefits.
- Daily gratitude prompts with accompanying imagery, meditation track (link provided in book).
- Daily prompts to help you deepen your awareness of and connection to your emotions, body sensations and thoughts.
- Emotions catalogue to help you identify and tune into your emotions.
- Instructions on how to complete the journals daily prompts.
- Example of completed daily prompts.
- Transcript of the audio imagery track, for those who may be hard of hearing or prefer to complete the practice self-guided.

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