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Are you wanting to improve your mental health? As a registered psychologist in Australia, there are several ways I can support you.

You are seeking introspection & evidence-based teachings for long term change

My signature course supporting women to align their minds and bodies to improve overall wellbeing. You can join the waitlist now.

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Your nervous system needs support now 

My psychologist-led short course designed to support women to revitalise their morning, daytime and evening routines so they can better support their nervous system throughout their days. 

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You need to release your resistance to going slow

My mini-course for women who struggle to relax. If you find your mind racing and your body resisting relaxation this course is for you. 

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You need one on one support

Need tailored psychological support. Natasha is the founder and psychologist of Graciously You Psychological Services. She offers telehealth psychological appointments for a wide range of mental health issues regardless of where you live in Australia. You can book by visiting Graciously You.

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You want a psychologist for a project or event

Need a psychologist to talk on a topic related to mental health. I can speak on a wide range of areas relating to psychology, mental health and women's health and wellbeing. Contact me to find out if we are the right fit.

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For graduates of Invitation to Align & Elevate

My 8-week group program for audacious women taking up space and integrating and applying what they have learnt so they can continue to elevate and achieve the goals they have set.

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A Resource For You

Experience the power or gratitude with the power of imagery.

I understand when you are stressed and overwhelmed it can be easy to get stuck in your head. This is your opportunity to experience a 7-day gratitude realignment (with audio meditation included).

This journal and imagery meditation are designed help you be more present and experience more gratitude throughout your day.