Access evidence-based teachings and tools designed to help you return back to, trust, and believe in yourself, so you can start creating the life you've been wanting for too long. 

If you're ready to give yourself this opportunity, you can do so with teachings from a registered psychologist to support, you your mind, body and well-being.

Experience what can happen when the power of gratitude practice is paired with the power imagery practice
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Have you been feeling out of alignment?
OVERWHELMED by everyday tasks
Burnt out? 
Constantly ON EDGE?

Like YOU are walking around as a DULLER VERSION of yourself... stuck in survival mode.

YOU are in the right place.

I understand that when your mind and body feel out of alignment with themselves and each other, it makes it hard to feel like your most authentic and empowered self. 

A woman who is;

  • Confident¬†
  • Capable
  • Powerful¬†
  • Strong¬†
  • Interesting¬†
  • Valuable
  • FUN to be around¬†

or ALL OF THE ABOVE and then some!

As women, since WE were young girls, we have been¬†BOMBARDED with daily messages telling us how we should look, who we should be and how to become ‚Äėthem‚Äô.

BUT have you found, the MORE you tried to do what they told you to do, the FURTHER a w a y from yourself you felt?

HERE is where I help... my role as a psychologist is to help YOU to explore who you are and which version of you and LIFE feels right to you in this season. Then through self-exploration you find your way there.

Work With Me

Have you been stressed and struggling to get out of your head and appreciate the present? If so, these journals are for you.

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This is my signature program run over 8-10 weeks that delves  deeper into how to start aligning your nervous system, body, and elevating your relationship with yourself, and life
Hello, I'm Natasha

I am a registered psychologist who over the last 9 years has supported women to explore, grow, and heal to graciously become who they are in that season so they can live a full vibrant, and enriched life.

Throughout my 13 years of training within the field of psychology, I have seen the growth that can come from exploring and processing emotions rather than avoiding them, and the power of what you think about you bring about. I want to give more women access to the tools to help them grow. It's why I am committed to bringing the psychology world into the online.

My work with women across Australia has shown me what can happen when you align your mind and body, and commit to taking action. The transformation that can occur when a woman gets comfortable with being uncomfortable and rewrites her inner narrative about who she is and what she can achieve in this world. 

I am trained in a range of therapeutic modalities to help me support each woman through an integrative, holistic approach, as no system works alone. 

Telehealth Psychologist - Natasha Kiemel

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