How to use gratitude to improve your well-being and achieve your goals.

Have you been stressed and struggling to get out of your head and appreciate the present?

If so, these journals are for you.

Reawakening your connection to gratitude not only helps ground you to the present so that you canĀ appreciateĀ it, but it can also help you achieve your goals and improve your well-being.Ā Ā 

To help you get the most out of your short, daily gratitude practice, Natasha has supercharged it by pairing it with the practice of imagery. This is becauseĀ the practice of imagery has a long history of helping change thoughts and improve performance. It allows you to relive an experience in a way which mimics real life by tapping into the visual system and your other senses.Ā This can increase the likelihood of you continuing to engage in behaviours which are beneficial to your well-being and to help turn them into habits.

Choose which journal is right for you below.Ā 

One Lap Around the Sun

Gratitude, Imagery & Self-development

This journal is for the woman who not only wants to commit to a year of gratitude and imagery practice but also to learning tools which will help deepen their connection to, and understanding, of themselves.

Experience what happens when the power of gratitude is paired with the power of imagery on your One Lap Around the Sun (52-weeks). This journal and its accompanying meditation tracks, written by Australian psychologist Natasha Kiemel-Incorvaia, put a twist on daily gratitude practice and incorporates season themed self-development practices. In summer you are invited to rejuvenate, autumn reflect, winter let go and, in spring reawaken. The journal is undated so you can start your lap around the sun whenever. You just need to determine how many days you are into your current season.

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Gratitude With a Twist

Gratitude & Imagery

Hundreds of women have already used Gratitude With a Twist to help them start reconnecting back to gratitude. This is your chance to commit to not only filling your next six months with more gratitude but to also take the opportunity to create long-term positive change.Ā 

In this gratitude journal, you will experience what happens when the power of gratitude is paired with the power of imagery. Written and designed by Australian registered psychologist Natasha Kiemel-Incorvaia, this journal adds a twist to your standard gratitude journal by combining it with its accompanying audio imagery practice. The journal is undated so you can start at any time andĀ spans six months.

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