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Invitation To
Align & Elevate

So you know you are ready to make a change. You can feel it in your body. It's time to start repairing your relationship with yourself so you can start living life on your terms in full vibrant high definition colour.

This is your opportunity to make this commitment to yourself with the support of a psychologist-led course. There is no better time to start than now. Yes now! It's time to stop putting yourself last on the list. You and your well-being are worth prioritising.

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Let me know if this sounds familiar

 You feel overwhelmed and stressed

‚ústYou don't always feel in control of your reactions

‚ústYou are judgmental towards yourself

‚ústYou struggle to shift out of unhelpful thought loops¬†

‚ústYou find everyday tasks now make you anxious and/or stressed

‚ústYou feel fatigued all the time no matter how much sleep you get

‚ústYou feel like a duller version of who you used to be

‚ústYou know where you want to be, but you can't seem to make it happen


This is where Invitation to Align & Elevate can support you

You want to find a way back to yourself but don't know where to start...

you're so used to being stuck on go, you struggle to go slow

you've had enough of trying tips and hacks off social media

you're wanting to start creating long-term, sustainable change without the overwhelm

Don't keep choosing familiar suffering because you're fearful of the unknown

This is an 8-week course designed by a psychologist to support you to utilise and build upon the resources you already have. It will show you how to use them and the new tools you will gain so you can create a strong foundation to get you to where you want to be. This foundation is one, if not the most important aspect to help you persevere through future overwhelm and challenges.

It's time...

To step over fear and start creating the life you have always wanted so you can

Audaciously go after your goals and not feel you have to sacrifice your fun and playful side
Feel more aligned and grounded even when your life and schedule get full and busy

Feel more confident to support and back yourself rather than hold yourself back


Invitation to Align & Elevate

A psychologist-led course designed to support you to start realigning your nervous system, body and mind so you can start elevating your life.  

It has interwoven design of teachings, trainings, and techniques from carefully chosen modalities which complement each other. No system within the body works alone, and this course has been mindfully crafted for you with that in mind.

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Here is what you will experience each week of the course



You will explore your relationship with yourself, make a commitment to yourself and learn core practices to support your physical and brain health each week. You will also be walked through how to create long term habits and change.



You will learn how your nervous system works and how when it's out of alignment it impacts your body, brain, thoughts and beliefs. You will then start to explore how your nervous system has been impacting you and practices to start bringing it to alignment.



You will learn to tap into the power of conscious connection to build awareness and work towards alignment. You will be taught ways to connect to your body and move emotions through and to release. All in ways that don't have to take 30 minutes - 1 hour.



You will be asked to step inside your body and focus on systems that may be new to your or which you may not have known are directly connected to your well-being and how you feel and respond in situations. You will learn tools focused on posture, visual system, vagus nerve and lymphatic system.



You will bring the awareness you have been cultivating and deepen it by identifying your felt sense vocabulary. You will then learn the power of what you think about, you bring to identify the unhelpful thought loops keeping you stuck, stressed and spent, and how to start breaking them.



You will be shown how to go deeper. You will learn how look into the unhelpful, self-limiting beliefs holding you back and reinforcing your unhelpful thought loops. You will then explore how to start releasing them and be shown how to identify and strengthen existing positive memory systems. 



You will bring together all the work you have been doing by showing up each week for yourself. We will work to identify any areas where you have been or will become stuck. You will receive a framework of how to realign and come back to what works for you, without self-sabotaging future progress.



This week is about the you you want to honour, nourish, and grow. The version who is not held back by fear. You'll identify your vision for your future...what must be done & how the tools you've cultivated will support you to get there. You'll also be shown how to continue overcoming self-doubt.



1. Natasha's courses: Revitalise &  Soften & Surrender into Slow. 
Valued at $294.

2. Group weekly 30 minute - Q & A call with Natasha to ask any questions about that weeks content. Valued at $780.
3. One Lap Around the Sun
- A Gratitude, Imagery & Self-development Journal. Valued at $58

Wait I do need this!

The statistics speak for themselves...

Of females reported not feeling energised.

Of females experienced anxiety disorders. 

Of females were experiencing high or very high levels of psychological distress. 

Of female participants did not agree that their daily life had been filled with things that interest them.

Statistics from National Study of Mental Health and Wellbeing, 2020-21, and Mental Health Australias 2022 Report to the Nation.

Ready to start aligning your nervous system & feeling more energised & calm?
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Hello, I'm Natasha

I am a registered psychologist who over the last 8 years has supported hundreds of women to explore, grow, and heal to graciously become who they are so they can start live full vibrant, enriched lives.

Throughout my 12 years of training within the field of psychology, I have seen the growth that can come from exploring and processing emotions rather than avoiding them, and the power of what you think about you bring about. I want to give more women access to the tools to help them grow. It's why I am committed to bringing the psychology world into the online.

My work with women across Australia has shown me what can happen when you align your mind and body, and commit to taking action. The transformation that occurs when a woman gets comfortable with being uncomfortable and rewrites her inner narrative about who she is and what she can achieve in this world.

I have trained in a range of therapeutic modalities to help me support each woman through an integrative, holistic approach, as no system works alone.

I am so honoured I get to support women in creating the life they want to live.